Indian River Financial Group’s Wealth Optimization System™

Paul Miller |

At Indian River Financial Group, our mission is to assist clients in reaching their lifetime goals. We successfully deliver such by providing considerate, individualized financial guidance with your monetary objectives, life aspirations, and risk tolerance driving your investment approach. Often times, investment needs are reduced to just numbers and mathematics, but we first develop a financial plan with the client’s goals, sensible time-frames, and operative strategies. Using the time-tested Wealth Optimization System™ as our proprietary model for planning and managing clients’ wealth objectives, the result is just that – improved and advanced wealth for our clients.

The overall purpose of the process is to empower clients to make smart decisions in managing their wealth, while optimizing resources for the best possible long-term results. Your choices revolve around The Planning Horizon™, which marks the line between issues above the horizon and those below it. Issues above the horizon focus on your individual mission, vision, values, and goals. Those below it focus on strategies, tactics, and tools necessary to implement your plan. Throughout the process, emphasis is placed on what is important to you in order to bring clarity to your goals and priorities, find creative solutions, implement for results, and manage your results for greater financial confidence down the road.

The first phase of the Wealth Optimization System™ begins above The Planning Horizon™ and involves discovery, which ultimately leads to clarity. Together, we take the time to tackle the priority of identifying and considering your concerns, your vision, and your particular financial goals so that your most important planning needs are transparent. By focusing on your mission, vision, values, and goals, we begin to uncover the “what” specifics to your financial plan.

Once clarity is achieved, we can move below The Planning Horizon™ and begin thinking clearly and confidently about the solution. We determine how we will approach your financial concerns by exploring and identifying creative solutions that can most effectively and efficiently address your planning needs. As we gain confidence, smart decisions can then be made. During the third phase, the solution is implemented, as is the desired result. We work with you to formulate actionable strategies and tactics and map out a timeline for deploying them. By working with your other advisors, we ensure timely execution of your plan for optimum results.

The final phase moves us back above The Planning Horizon™, during the ongoing managing process of monitoring your plan and measuring results against established benchmarks. This enables us to make proper adjustments and sustain results, increasing your confidence in your plan’s ability to achieve your objectives.

The entire process represents one full planning cycle. It begins with identifying the initial focus of planning, which is the “problem.” We work to avoid and eliminate certain dangers as well as focus on and capture certain opportunities. Throughout the entire process, achieving your financial objectives in the best way possible remains our number one priority. To learn more about Indian River Financial Group’s planning process and commitment to our clients, visit Indian River Financial Group Inc. online.