As they have more than 100 years, the markets will bring the returns; our greatest value to you is to help you minimize and control the risks in your financial life so you enjoy more of your life.

It has been our goal to align Indian River Financial Group with some of the most prominent investment managers in the industry in order to leverage their expertise into the investment plans we create for our clients. Through a comprehensive and ongoing due diligence process, we have identified five investment managers with compatible investment philosophies and proven track records.

In selecting particular investment managers for our clients, we strive to find the optimal match based on your Investment Policy Statement (IPS) as well as your particular needs and circumstances. Our responsibility to you is to continuously monitor and evaluate the performance of your portfolio to ensure the Portfolio Manager adheres to the standards of your IPS. As market factors and your personal goals dictate, we may make recommendations regarding your Portfolio Manager.

All of our investment partners are Fee-Based “Managed Account” providers that work exclusively with Independent Registered Investment Advisors, such as Indian River Financial Group, Inc. They bring institutional caliber money management to our clients in a variety of ways at very competitive total costs.

ASSETMARK, INC is a $82 Billion Fee-Based Asset Management firm that provides investment and consulting solutions to over 222,110 active investor accounts, with a unique blending approach to asset management. Their unique methodology has been time tested since 1980, and offers a wide range of solutions to meet client objectives, and does so with careful consideration to the market conditions as well as client’s risk concerns. AssetMark utilizes an “Investing Evolved” set of solutions to allow customized client investment experiences. The unique ability to go beyond the CORE PORTFOLIO design, and blend in various TACTICAL & ENHANCEMENT Strategists, allows AssetMark to offer a unique investment program. They are able to respond with a variety of well-known carefully selected Strategists, such as JP Morgan, State Street Global Advisors, BlackRock, and others; to solve each client’s unique objectives, and better satisfy the client experience and expectations. Their platform offers a wide range of over 45 strategists and High Net Worth Strategists.

CITY NATIONAL ROCHDALE is a $40 Billion Fee-Based asset management firm that develops a unique personal benchmark for performance and portfolio strategy. They offer the $1 million and up investor access to a broad range of asset classes and effective strategies. Each portfolio is managed by a team of professionals (CFA’s) directly, with a customized approach for each client, and unique risk-budgeting safeguards outlined in their thorough proposals.

MORNINGSTAR INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT, LLC, MORNINGSTAR MANAGED PORTFOLIOS has $41 Billion Assets Under Management and has been helping financial advisors to offer objective, independently managed portfolios to their clients. They are world renowned for their unbiased data and research used by most investment firms. They offer strategies that help investors achieve their financial goals. They have a broad lineup of mutual fund, stock, and ETF managed portfolios designed for each stage of the investor lifetime; whether starting out or already in retirement.